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Baby Alpaca - black

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Premium baby alpaca wool socks! These thin luxury socks are for those who want the best alpaca wool available in semi-formal comfort. They’re great for the office or a night on the town! The  luxury SmartBlend baby alpaca yarn also offer optimal heat retention and moisture-wicking capabilities like our other socks.



Machine wash alpaca socks in warm or cold water.
Lay flat, or line dry for best results.


Our factory uses patented technology (High End Tech Soft & Stretch, Super Cushion System) that assures your total comfort. Over years of careful customer feedback and research from around the world, our sock designers have achieved the optimal alpaca content for the best value in combination for warmth, breathe-ability and durability. 

Fibre: 45% baby alpaca/35% acrylic/20% nylon

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